Duc-Cuong Dao

School of Information and Communication Technology Hanoi University of Science and Technology Hanoi Vietnam

Me in front of the Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower, Nov 2013

I am a fifth-year student in School of Information and Communication Technology at HUST. I am very happy to have Dr. Nguyen Thi Oanh and Dr. Vu Tuyet Trinh as my supervisors. My research interests are in deep learning techniques for computer visions and natural language understanding. Specifically, I have been working on the problems of generating texts from image and vice versa over the last couple of months.

I used to be an exchange student at Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University in the beautifully beloved Sweden.

Besides playing with computer, I love drawing, origami and reading different kinds of books. I also enjoy travelling (often by myself). Several places I have been to include Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherland, Japan, South Korea, Singapore.

For more information, please see my vitae